roadmap to success
  • Safely
  • Preventatively
  • Responsibly
  • We Value Safe Drivers

    Working in an industrial setting you will be exposed to a new environment with new hazards to be aware of and learn to work in. We value your attention to safety.

  • Safe Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    Safety vests with must be worn while on shift. Make sure it is easily visible to all, especially forklift drivers while in warehouses. 

  • Safety is your responsibility.

    Safety must be a core value for everyone on the Moscoso Express team. It is important to keep YOU safe so you can return home in the same condition you came to work in. 

Inventory Box

keeping supplies handy



In front of the waiting area by dispatch. 


Near the east side of the warehouse. 


  • Fluids: oil, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid
  • Tools: light bulbs, wipers, fuses, airlines, seals for airlines
  • Cleaning: rags, gloves, cleaning spray
  • Winterization: anti-gel, snow brushes


A DVIR A day keeps the mechanic away

Reporting Defects

  • Electronic Daily Vehicle Inspection Report (eDVIR)

    Daily pre-& post- trip DVIRs are submitted via Samsara. It allows you to show you are returning the truck in the same conditions as when you picked it up.

  • Report Defects via eDVIRs

    During your DVIR in Samsara, submit a detailed description and pictures showing the area of the Defect that occurred during your shift so plans for repairs can be made.

  • Reporting an Unsafe Truck

    Call the team number immediately if your truck becomes unsafe to drive. The office team will coordinate with mechanics for you to get assistance. Also report it as UNSAFE in a Samsara DVIR.

  • Winterizing your Truck

    Below 20F, preventative actions are taken to ensure your diesel truck stays operational.
    (1) Add Anti-gel into fuel tanks.
    (2) Drain air tanks.
    (3) Use the coolant heater.


roadmap to success