committed to partaking in proactive leadership for environmentally sustainable practices

In 2019

Moscoso Express began utilizing technology to measure telematic data from our equipment. It led to gathering insight across our fleet which roots our emission reduction practices. As a company, we see our continuous environmental improvements coming from our people, our technology, and our equipment.

People - Technology - Equipment

employee driven improvements

Our People

Our employees are crucial in achieving our environmental targets. Across the company, our focus on continuous improvement revolves around:

Education on efficient driving
Habitual driving behavior changes

The compounding cultural shift brings measurable improvements to our environmental practices.

Our Technology

Our data drives our environmental best practice targets. Some measurable data points include:

Time spent idling the engine
Cruise control efficiency
Time over the speed limit

We recognize employees who show dedication to sustainable practices. Telematic data allows us to evaluate the improvement of driver performance.

Our Equipment

Our team is equipped with the tools necessary to perform our job with environmental consciousness, some practices include:

Utilizing aerodynamic trucks
Recycling batteries and metals

Through our preventative maintenance program, our trucks continuously run at optimal performance.